Welcome to the One Giant Leap Campaign!

*Please note:  I am not an alarmist (I don’t even use an alarm clock) and I don’t like the Chicken Littles or the Apostles of the Apocalypse.  As a non-fiction writer (and thinker) who enjoys science fiction, I always enjoyed trekking through space with the crew of the Enterprise and I support space exploration (within reason and financial limits).  If I err I err on the side of preservation rather than conservation of natural resources–using Nature for human benefit.  Aware of human history and our propensity to cut down, kill, blow up or bulldoze wild creatures, cultures  and lands and ask questions later, I fail to see the rational justification for pulverizing or polluting the pristine wilderness in the heavens.  What various nations are doing to the moon is unacceptable, foolhardy–lunacy.  I take this craziness seriously.  It must be stopped.  We are the ones to stop it.   

Important Message:  Support the Moon Park!  Contact the US Human Space Flight Plans Committee


You are invited to read about

The Emergency and then Get Involved with the Call to Action

to designate the Moon a Wilderness Park!

Thank you!

*Read the essay “The Ultimate Park” on Earth, Sun, Moon

*Read “What Would Muir Do?” (SF Chronicle)

*Watch the Nature Chaplain Video

*Space Crashes and Smashes (MSNBC)


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