These worldwide organizations, agencies and individuals are being invited to join the One Giant Leap Campaign as sponsors or supporters.  The goal is to bring together the Common Voice of People from Every Continent, Country and Creed

*=first contact invitation

*U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee

*National Science Foundation

*Division of Astronomical Sciences (NSF)

*Union of Concerned Scientists

*The Nature Conservancy 

*The Planetary Society

*Nick Sagan

* Ann Druyan (Carl Sagan Foundation)

*Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Planet Quest)

*Sierra Club

*Astro Meeting

*United Nations (Office for Partnerships)

*President Barack Obama

*Environmental News Network

Current and Former Astronauts

{Twelve have walked on the moon}

*Buzz Aldrin

*Thoreau Society 

*Bono (U2 messageboard)

National Park Service

Worldwide Astronomers

Russian Space Agency

Japanese Space Agency

Chinese Space Agency

Indian Space Agency

Taxpayers Associations

Al Gore

Gene Roddenberry Foundation

Former President Jimmy Carter

Speaker John Boehner 

Mikail Gorbachev

John Muir Trust

Tom Hanks

Robert Redford

World Council of Churches

Dalai Lama

Pope Benedict

Interfaith Councils

*   *   *

Copy of Invitation Letter to the United Nations (Office of Partnerships) 

(feel free to use this as a template for your letters to sponsors and supporters):


Citizens of every nation on earth share one wilderness park in common:  The Moon.

Yes, it sounds like the wild dream of a lunatic (!), but do we wish to see the precious pearl of the night be changed forever?

Currently, many nations are blasting new craters and creating large dustclouds on the lunar surface.  Every “mission” leaves large quantities of junk littering that pristine landscape.

Ostensibly for “scientific research,” these “missions,” however interesting and exploratory, are based on policies of “Natural Resources”–using wild lands for development (as well as strategic, national and military) purposes.

If there is one flag to be placed in the lunar soil it is the banner of the United Nations!

John Muir, founder of the National Park System in America, was a champion not simply of the conservation of  “useful resources” for human benefit, but of preservation of the “sanctuaries” and “temples” of Nature for the benefit of all creatures.  In his journals Muir exulted in our home-world as a brilliant star and saw the earth as “one mass of celestial radiance shining in space serene and silent.”  Would he not say the same of the lovely luna above us, the source of such poetry and faith and dreams, the giver of nocturnal illumination, creator of tides, symbol of the highest hopes of all humankind?

In the spirit of Muir, we urge the world community to act now to protect our near and dear neighbor the moon, for all humanity, for all creatures, for all generations.

We invite you to consider sponsoring and supporting the preservation of a Moon Wilderness Park.

We would very much like to hear from you and any other organizations who may be interested in cooperatively addressing this environmental emergency.

Thank you!

An Earth Citizen in Love with Our Moon


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